What your company and your boss are thinking right now:

What your boss will actually say to you. Some possible examples would be:

What will happen if you take the counter-offer?

Ten Reasons for not accepting a Counter-offer:

3 Main Points to Remember:

Was it your next raise - just early? Will you be limited in the future? Will you have to threaten to quit to get your next raise, or might your (cheaper) replacement be sought out ASAP?

You've demonstrated your unhappiness, or your lack of blind loyalty, and will be perceived as having committed blackmail to gain a raise. Many employers will hold a grudge at the next review period, and you may be at the top of the next Reduction-in-Force "hit list". Someone once described it as, "Like an adulterous affair that has been discovered, the broken trust in never fully recovered."

Two things are certain:

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