Win Your Next Job With Three Essential Interview Skills

With competition for good jobs at an all-time high, candidates who conduct their job search as a sales campaign consistently win out
over those who don’t. When job seekers practice the skills of sales experts they learn to apply the strategies of a sales presentation to
their job interviews. To get to the top of the candidate list, you’ll need these three essential sales skills:
Pre-interview preparation
Finding and using the interviewer’s "Hot Buttons"
Closing on the next step of the interview process

Pre-interview preparation

Every great sales presentation starts with pre-sales preparation which includes client research, and product analysis. Job seekers prepare for interviews similarly: research on the prospective employer and a thorough catalog of their own accomplishments to illustrate their potential contribution and worth to the employer. Thanks to the internet, company research is relatively easy, especially on publicly held firms. A few good sources are Yahoo, Hoovers, Wall Street Journal archives as well as company web sites. Information on privately held companies is often readily available as well. One of the easiest ways to get such information is simply enter the company name in your favorite search engine and see what pops up.

Minimally, you’ll want to find out company size, products or services, major competitors, branch or head quarters and any recent news items. Time allowing, it’s also very helpful to know some of the major players in their organization; a little history on them and future products, markets or growth objectives.

Once you’ve done the research, prepare to communicate your value through your accomplishments. Examine your career for examples of how you have solved problems, saved money, increased revenue, or created revenue opportunities for your former employers. As much as possible, dollarize or quantify
your contributions. Do not depend on your ability to "wing it" through your interviews. Ask any high-producing sales profession, they will tell you that it is impossible to wing your way to success. It takes preparation and practice.

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