Resume Questions & Answers

Resume writing can be tricky. Here are some solutions to common problems.

1. What if your job title does not accurately reflect your responsibilities?

Use general or universal titles, which reflect that work that you perfomed. Many companies have unique titles like "group leader" for manager or "marketing representative" for sales account managers.

One company's Supervisor of Rental Programs is another company's Marketing Program Manager. Or if you handled more responsibility than your title reflected, include it in parentheses. Administrative Assistant (Office Manager)

2. What if you were self-employed or did odd jobs?

Give yourself an appropriate title and be prepared to provide strong references of people you worked for. Even a few volunteer positions or unpaid work for friends can be consolidated.

3. Have you worked for only one employer for many years?

List various positions held there individually so your progression is obvious. Use years, rather than months in the listed dates. Include the most relevant and related tasks if positions varied widely.

4. Do you have age discrimination concerns?

You don't have to present your entire work history. Use the label "Recent Work History" or "Relevant Work History" and then describe only the last 10 or 15 years. If you like, add "Prior experience" and simply refer to any additional important jobs without dates.

5. Where should your education appear?

Education should be placed at the bottom of your resume at the very end with the highest degree first, followed by lesser degrees, certifications and relevant coursework. Include any honors and grade point average if it was particularly high.

6. What about references?

It is assumed that you have them. The phrase, "references available on request" is not necessary. Do be sure to have them listed on a separate sheet with appropriate phone numbers, in case they are requested.

7. Should personal information be included?

Information such as religion, race, affiliations (other than those of a professional nature) or any other personal information, unless it relates specifically to the job you are seeking, should be excluded.

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