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R&D Leader - Data Engineering

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Category: Development
Company Description: Innovative Software Leader
Salary: Highly Competitive, Depending on Experience
Position Type: Permanent
Location: New York, NY
Job Number: 8911

Job Description:


We are looking for a dynamic Data Engineering Leader with strong experience in infrastructure and distributed database technology to lead our Data Engineering team. You’ll be responsible for delivering cloud, web, application & data security capabilities for a web-scale HR platform. You will be responsible for global data stack covering relational, graph, document & object stores supporting both OLTP and OLAP use cases.

Engineering across Lifion’s data capabilities requires a diverse and innovative mindset so we can expand key areas of our business such as web-scale out, data sovereignty controls, complex replication strategies as well as cutting edge clustering topologies with elasticity in real time.

You'll have an opportunity to lead high-powered teams to create amazing products that are secure, performant, efficient, highly available and responsive. We are seeking dynamic individuals who can own a significant portion of our architecture, applications and technology landscape. You’ll operate with autonomy and support, ensuring a mix of freedom and learning from the wealth of talent we’ve been fortunate to build here.

If you sweat about milliseconds of response time and obsess over the next 1 percent of efficiency, love multi-terabyte non-relational databases and have dreams about micro-services and polyglot development approaches you could be the perfect fit to lead our team. You’ll manage all things data from storage, to expressive and efficient queries, to at scale people analytics. We’re building and defining the language, concepts, primitives and tools that developers will use to build the next generation of HR/HCM applications.


  • Partner with stakeholders to define data requirements broadly across the org's platform.
  • Provide schema, index & database topology guidance and designs for the company's entire data stack.
  • Architect, design & communicate product development planning.
  • Proactively advocate for new and enhanced data capabilities across the org.
  • Analyze, vet and implement advanced database solutions for a global scale enterprise software platform hosted on the public cloud.
  • Drive progressive fully distributed systems delivery across multiple data centers and cloud hosting regions.
  • Evangelize cloud infrastructure and database best practices across the organization.
  • Lead a team of highly skilled technology engineering and database professionals.
  • Align priorities across engineering groups, product development, senior leadership and the organization more generally.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Detailed technical knowledge of modern database technology, cloud infrastructure and tools such as AWS, Terraform and Ansible.
  • Experience with a breadth of database technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, Couchbase, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Kafka, HBase, HDFS, S3, Graph databases and distributed caching.
  • Experience with networking technologies, including network security, IAM and other data access controls.
  • Adequate knowledge of web related technologies (Web applications, Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures, Micro-services, Containerization of services) and of network/web related protocols. This includes very basics of web like using REST protocol, using JSON data format.
  • Interest in all aspects of database research and development
  • Masters/Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or related field (in lieu of degree, 6 years of relevant work experience)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Hands-on software development experience in a production capacity (backend preferred)
  • Familiarity with a range of data query languages (e.g., SQL, Couchbase/N1QL, SPARQL, Gremlin, XQuery/XPath); their use, structures, grammars and capabilities
  • Knowledge of microservices and service-oriented-architecture concepts
  • Experience delivering products aimed at software developers (e.g., code editors, query builders, compilers/interpreters, PaaS offerings such as AWS, Azure, Heroku)

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their resume as an MS word document including a cover letter with a summary of relevant qualifications, highlighting clearly any special or relevant experience.

Please Note: All inquiries will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your resume will not be submitted to any client company without your prior knowledge and consent.

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Andiamo Partners | 90 Broad Street, Suite 1501, New York, NY 10004

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