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Senior C#/WPF Developer for Next-Generation Financial Systems

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Category: Software Engineering
Company Description: Financial Services Consulting Firm
Salary: Highly Competitive, Depending on Experience
Position Type: Permanent
Location: New York, NY
Job Number: 8966

Job Description:

Our WPF Developers are primarily engaged in building innovative new front-end office systems.  The typical type of system we deliver has a C#/NET back-end and a WPF front-end focused on efficiently delivering large volumes of trade or pricing data to the desktop. Therefore, experience with asynchronous programming paradigms for the UI's are important considerations for these positions. Additionally, we occasionally do work in ASP.NET and HTML5, often related to  building  sophisticated web applications.  Therefore, a solid understanding of ASP.NET Web API is useful as well.
You will build applications that push the envelope when it comes to throughput, latency, resiliency, all the while Making sure that we deliver on-time and within budget.  
Required Capabilities
·       7+ years of experience in writing commercial-grade software applications.
·       5+ years of C# Development
·       3+ years of solid hand-on experience in WPF
·       3+ years of experience in SQL
·       3+ years of experience with multi-tier architectures.
·       An understanding of SOLID software design principles
·       Strong grasp of software design patterns and effective development methodologies.
·       BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
Desired Capabilities
·       3+ Years’ experience in Entity Framework
·       WCF
·       ASP.NET API
·       ASP.NET MVC
·       RESTful Services
·       A background in Unit Testing methodologies and frameworks.
You have an engineering mindset—we are not hacking things together or building algorithms in isolation—we build real systems, and we treat software as a craft that we approach with an engineer’s discipline.
You are someone we want to work with—you challenge the status quo and are someone we can learn from. Historically, we have been great at hiring such people, and now they are the cornerstones of our company. You will be responsible for building and nurturing this community.
You are someone that is passionate about technology—you follow the industry, you build things on your own, you tinker and hack, you read aplenty and attend meet-ups. You know that the technology landscape changes every few years and you retool continuously.
You have built things, you’ve seen the whole project lifecycle, you have delivered; you’ve seen failure and you’ve learned from it. You have developed the insight that will enable you to lead your team to deliver on time and within budget.
You have mastered a full technology stack; you know its problems; you know where it shines. In addition, your knowledge and experience extends to other technology stacks.
 Your knowledge of computer science fundamentals prevents you from reinventing the wheel.
You understand the value of testing, quality, continuous integration, source control, and code reviews.
You are pragmatic:  you get things done, you can find a creative compromise between an ideal technical solution and actual client needs
It is a challenge—your peers will push you, and you will grow in leaps and bounds that is impossible in traditional organizations.
As a consultant, you will see a multitude of technologies, organizations, and projects—you will learn a lot in a very short period of time.
We are a flat meritocracy with an engineering mindset—what matters is how good you are and how well you and your team deliver.
We are exclusively focused on the finance domain—there are plenty of areas where technology is a competitive advantage, and our clients turn to us when they need more innovative solutions.
If you ask our engineers, they will probably tell you that their extraordinary peer group is the primary reason that they work for us.
We entrepreneurial and agile—there is a lot of opportunity to take accountability and grow quickly.
Automation positively transforms the lives of people and business.  Our software helps you improve decision-making, increase efficiency, simplify complex processes and empower your people.  We enable financial institutions, central banks and corporations to digitize and automate their most business-critical processes.  We are reinventing the way business is done through innovations in automation technology.
We encourage creativity by automating repetitive tasks.
We think long-term to get it right the first time
We are not limited by the status quo: we challenge boundaries, question assumptions and make transformative leaps.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their resume as an MS word document including a cover letter with a summary of relevant qualifications, highlighting clearly any special or relevant experience.

Please Note: All inquiries will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your resume will not be submitted to any client company without your prior knowledge and consent.

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Senior Technical Recruiter
Andiamo Partners | 90 Broad Street, Suite 1501, New York, NY 10004

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